Enjoy the convenience of 24-hour banking in the comfort of your own home with EZ Net Internet Banking from First National Bank of Eagle River.   
HOW TO SELF RESET YOUR PIN NOW...so you don't get locked out 
Important notes about your PIN number: 
If this happens, go to your settings and uncheck "Password" option under the "History" tab. If your password is saved, resetting your password will not work. 
  • PIN must be at least 6 digits long but no more than 8 digits.
  • PIN must be alpha-numeric, which means that it must include letters and numbers
  • PIN must start with a letter.  The numbers must either be in the middle or end
  • PIN cannot look similar to any of your previous PIN numbers
    Pay your bills online! 
  • Log in to your online banking session
  • Click "EZ Pay Bill Payer" tab
  • Enter payee information
    Tip of the Day! 
    Did you know you can rename your Online Banking accounts?  This is especially helpful if you have multiple accounts used for different purposes.   
    Simply log on to your Online Banking session, click on the "Options" tab, then click on the "Accounts" tab.  There, you can add your "psuedo name" for each account. 

    You can also access our Telephone Banking services, anytime, anywhere. 
  • Local: (715) 479-1390  
  • Toll-Free: 1-(888) 479-4406
    Action Required for NetTeller Online Banking Customers Using Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8 
    Frequently Asked Questions 
    What is EZ Net? 
    EZ Net is an electronic based access point for account information and limited transactions on your Checking, Savings and Loan accounts. To use EZ Net, however, you must have a FNB Checking Account. Services available on EZ Net currently include: viewing general account information, viewing recent transaction history, transferring funds between accounts, making loan payments, viewing and printing previous statements, and issuing stop payments. 
    What is EZ Pay? 
    EZ Pay is a module within EZ Net that allows you to pay any bill directly from your checking account over the World Wide Web using your Personal Computer. There is no need for envelopes, stamps or a trip to the Post Office. Just you and your mouse is all that is needed. Ask a Personal Banker about the one-click convenience of paying your bills with EZ Pay. 
    How much does it cost? 
    EZ Net and EZ Pay are FREE on all Consumer checking accounts. On Commercial accounts, EZ Net is FREE , but EZ pay is not currently available. 
    What Do I need to use EZ Net? 
    All you need is a PC connected to the Internet with a Web Browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator using at least 128 Bit Strong Encryption. If your browser does not have the correct strength encryption, we have included some links for you to get the most recent versions of these two most common browsers. You can also use any of the common Networks with proprietary browsers such as Web TV or AOL. No special connections or other software is required. 
    How do I access my accounts? 
    To use EZ Net Internet Banking, you must have an open account with us. You will not have access to either of the services until your accounts have been activated through the registration process. 
    Who else has access to my account? 
    With respect to accessing accounts, using the Internet is no different than doing business over the phone or in person. Only you will have access to your accounts and you will have access only to your accounts. If you wish someone else to have access to a particular account, they must become a co-owner of the account. 
    I forgot my PIN (password).  Can I change it myself? 
    Yes, but only if you have already enabled the password reset option.  It's easy to set-up! 
      1)  Log on to your account. 
      2)  Under the "Options" tab, enter your valid e-mail address. 
      3)  Create a Test Question and Answer that ONLY YOU will know.  Submit. 
    Now if you accidentally lock yourself out of your account or forget your PIN you can reset yourself with no hassle! 
    Is my information safe? 
    First National Bank employs the use of the latest technology for firewalls and encryption to ensure the integrity security and privacy of our customer’s data. The final line of defense is your password. Please choose a password that cannot be easily guessed by a would be criminal. By mixing capital and small letters with numbers and special characters, you can create a password that a potential criminal cannot guess. Finally, keep your password to yourself. Do not share it with others or write it down where it can be found. 
    When are transactions posted? 
    Transactions and information available through EZ Net are on-line real-time. This means you will see transactions on your account as soon as they are posted. Unless otherwise noted, all transactions are subject to our regular cut-off times. Please see Your Ability to Withdrawal Funds and Electronic Funds Transfers Your Rights and Responsibilities sections of the Understanding Your Deposit Account Disclosure. 
    Where can I get more Information? 
    Contact a Personal Banker, Branch Manager or Branch Customer Service Representative at any of our  locations 
    Online Service Agreement 
    Online Bill Payment Agreement 

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